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President William J. Clinton (POTUS coin)

Clinton was the nation's 42nd President, serving from 1993-2001. 

President william j. Clinton (post-presidential coin)

This is Clinton's post-presidential Library coin.

President BaraCk Obama

Obama was the nation's 44th President and served from 2009-2017.

President donald j. trump

Trump is the nation's 45th President and has been in office since 2017.

Secretary norman y. mineta (DOT Coin)

Mineta was the 14th Secretary of Transportation, serving from 2001-2006.  He was the final Secretary of Transportation to serve as the Coast Guard's service secretary, before the USCG was transferred into DHS in November 2002.

secretary norman y. mineta (USCG Coin)

This was Secretary Mineta’s Coast Guard coin.

Secretary Tom Ridge

Ridge was the 1st Secretary of Homeland Security, serving from 2003-2005. 

Secretary Michael Chertoff

Chertoff was the 2nd Secretary of Homeland Security, serving from 2005-2009. The DHS Secretary is concurrently the Secretary of the Coast Guard. 

Secretary Janet Napolitano (DHS Coin)

Napolitano was the 3rd Secretary of Homeland Security, serving from 2009-2013. This is her DHS coin. 

Secretary Janet Napolitano (USCG Coin)

This is Napolitano's U.S. Coast Guard Coin. 

Secretary JEH Charles Johnson (version i)

Johnson was the 4th Secretary of Homeland Security and served from 2013-2017. 

secretary jeh charles johnson (version ii)

This is the second version of Johnson's coin.

Secretary John f. kelly

Kelly, a former U.S. Marine Corps General, was the 5th Secretary of Homeland Security, serving in 2017.  He left DHS to become White House Chief of Staff.

deputy secretary elaine c. duke

Duke is the 7th Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security and the first to have a personal coin.  She is currently the Acting Secretary of DHS and the Coast Guard.